About Me

Who am I?

*I am a developer with more than 10 years of experience in multiple fields, Over the years I have changed technology and quickly adapted to the challenges that have been imposed on me.

At the start of my career, I didnt know what i want to do and start to learn not only programming, I thought on be a security professional, a System Admin, I got certificates like OCP because I got curious on database, start to look at CCNA for cisco, but when I start to work for some companies and see that the stacks and the programming was more simple but at the same time more extensive, volatile and they were growing up at a very fast step, I stop doing that for everything because well i start to work on more demanding companies.

the companies try to focus the employees on a specific technology stack or a section of the app: frontend, backend, dba, site admin, devops, network … then I find there is a name for a developer that is an all-rounder full stack.

full stack dev

So I notice I am a Full Stack Developer. I didnt like to focus on only one stack but is really difficult to master different programming languages like .NET, JAVA, PHP or Python even that I have the knowledge on some of them and I even learn 4th gen like genexus, I dont feel like a master on any of them because all of them are changing constantly and all of them have different frameworks and third-party libraries and you have to learn, test, read and see what is the best approach to the problem or to what you are going to do, If you dont have a big spectrum then probably you are a PHP or a JAVA fan, but sometimes the solution is easy with Node.js or if you are going to work with services maybe JAVA is the best solution, all depends on what you want to build.

What happen with front end, there is a lot of frameworks and third libraries that we are learning and we are still using even that they are old or technologies that are evolving every day, we can be a master but soon what was awesome like JQuery or ExtJs is not so good when you discover REACT, Angular/JS or Vue. Even when you master one of them maybe the implementation and the structure of the project is very different from what you know, more complex or is more simple than what you think is the correct way, so we are always learning. you can say Angular is the future and then you get hit by REACT or you notice how is growing. What never change only evolve is HTML, CSS and I cannot say the same for javascript since this is a programming language that now is used everywhere, server(Node.js) or client(browser) now with the frameworks and libraries you will think you are not developing on javascript but the true is that all web have something with it.

So this list is about some of the thing I know trough the years

I have to say I learn fast and I like to switch between things, I learn the business and can help the stakeholders, product owners, testers, etc… if they need me on backend or frontend I see how they work with it and implement or give a solution for what they need on any programming language, if they need me to work on a very old platform I will work on it ,I can help devops implement any continuos integration and help DBA’s improve the tables.

On two companys they nickname me the swiss army knife(I think they didnt want to use Jack of all trades hehe..) and I liked because my slogan is “Jack of all trades, master of none but oftentimes better than a master of one”.